This Teen Was In Handcuffs When The Officer Collapsed. You Won’t Believe What He Did!

With all the recent news of the relationship between police officers and the public, It is sometimes hard to hear a story of a police officer’s life being saved by the person he had just arrested.

This footage captures a dramatic moment when Jamal Rutledge acted bravely to save police officer. Jamal, a 17-years-old was arrested and handcuffed for violating his probation. The officer Franklin Foulks was in the process of booking the young boy when he suddenly collapsed. They were just the two of them in the room. Seeing the officer straggling, Jamal did a heroic action: He began yelling out loud for someone’s attention. Luckily, the officers went inside to help the dying officer after hearing the commotions. According to the doctors, without Jamal’s quick response to the situation, the officer would have died in matter of seconds. How would you have acted if you were in Jamal’s shoes?

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