This Three Years Old Autistic Child Begs A Stranger On The Plane To Hold Her, What He Does? Touching!

There are good people around the world who need to be recognized. These people are always ready to show kindness to people who they do not know or people who they have never met before. I think you have heard stories where people met with strangers who helped them and they went without asking anything in return. That is the same case in this story.

In this clip, we meet Shanell from Canada. Shanell was traveling from Florida to Philadelphia, but she was not comfortable since her daughter Kate has autism. She knew that a plane ride could make her daughter anxious or traumatized. Shanell wished that someone kind enough would sit next to them to help her in case the plane ride could have any effect on her child. A businessman walked by, and he stopped next to them. Kate was fascinated by this man and he started calling him “daddy.” Kate was trying to reach this man and Eric smiled at Kate and welcomed her into his arms. He spent the whole time with Kate during the plane ride.

This man’s actions really touched Shanell and on reaching home, she decided to write what had happened on her blog. Her post went spreading throughout the internet.

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