This Time His Wrist Is Broken, But The Saluting Marine Manages To Do This…

Everyone earns a name which suits himself/herself according to what he or she is best known to do. This is what happened to the staff sergeant Tim Chambers, known also as the saluting Marine for his repeatedly action of standing in attention for hours during the memorial day of the Rolling thunder or better known as the Ride for Freedom in Washington, DC. In this day, the veterans are honored and awareness creation of War Prisoners still going missing.

He stands on solid concrete clad in his Marine Uniform holding the salute up to 3-4 hours, while the motorcyclists drive by. This is one of the many demanding duties that a Marine needs to execute with shoulders high and without objection.

It is like a custom for the veterans and the residents to pay a vote of thanks to the solitary Marine for devoting himself in the act of remembrance of those who gave their lives in order to attain freedom. When this video was being taken, he had once again held his salute, but this time with a broken wrist.

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