This Toddler Has Gone Overboard, What He Does Is Unbelievable!

As a parent, you are well aware that a baby’s life is marked by different milestones. As a parent, you see each of the milestones being as great as the last one. Why? Because they mean the baby is growing normally, its health, and destined to achieve a lot in life. These milestones include the first word, the first time they stand up, their first step, and much more. However, many overlook the kid’s first dance moves.

Well, these parents are not among those who do. They recorded their kid dance during the entire video! When salsa music plays on Radio, Baby Isaac can’t help it, he claps his hands in rhythm with the fast beats of the fast paced music. However, when daddy says, “Dance baby, go dance,” The kid shifts the movement from his hands to his feet.

He transfers all the energy he can gather to match the high energy beats from the salsa music. When he is done with his feet, he shakes his butt to the tune. He goes in circle and hops, and when he is ready for a spin, he raises his arms!

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