This Unique Performance Of “How Great Thou Art” Left Everyone Jaw-Dropped.. EPIC!

If there are songs that capture people’s hearts really fast, it’s songs like this one. But the fact is, a song is only as good as the singer, and that’s why this one here is putting people in a love mood. Do you know Stikyard?

Stikyard Is a group of people with noticeable vocal talents that works together to blend traditional and modern music and come up with new hits. In this case, you can say they’ve “killed it!”

The song is “How Great Thou Art,” and these guys have decided to use their talents on it to make it hit bigger. When they start singing, you’ll know why this video is driving people crazy. It’s already viral!

Watch as they sing from their hearts and coordinate the performance to work this great hit that’s been loved for so long. Looking at it, I can’t deny the fact that I feel like joining them. I did join them in the singing!

Click play and watch the mind-blowing performance to the last mark. Be sure to SHARE the magic with your friends on Facebook.

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