This Veteran Can’t Afford His Bills, The Strong Message In This Social Experiment Is Moving!

If you happen to come across a veteran who cannot afford to pay for his shopping, what will you do? Will you just turn a blind eye or will you be willing to help?

The clip below is a social experiment that was carried out by What Would You Do? to find out how different people will act when faced which such a situation. An actor poses as a soldier and tries to pay but his card does not work. He even reveals that he is facing hard times and he has a baby back at home. It could be easy to say what you will have done while discussing with a friend but it is a different case when you witness the real case unfolding before you.

People on different social media platforms have shared their opinions on what they can do, but backing words with actions is always better. I have to say that the people in the clip below shocked me with their action – but in the right way. I hope you will always do a similar thing when faced with such a situation even when you don’t expected to be recorded by cameras.

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