This Video Proves That It’s Never Okay To Get Distracted While Driving. So Sad!

Every day, close to 10 US citizens die in road accidents, while over 1,000 are injured. All these cases happen as a result of drivers getting distracted while at the wheel. To bring attention to the issue at hand, AT & T decided to produce a heart-touching video.

In this video, a good dad, who seems responsible by all measures, is dropping off his kids to have some fun at a local pool. On the way, his wife calls. Dad pulls over and to answer the call. The family dog is missing. He then resumes his journey, only for him to hear a voice from the backseat. It’s a kid, a friend of his daughter’s. His wife calls again, but this time, dad isn’t stopping or picking. At one point, the kid tells him it’s okay to do it, then dad turns to find the kid gone. He thinks it’s some kind of imagination of his.

But it’s what happens next that’s really the point of this video. You see, this guy didn’t take the call because he had a kid in the car, but when the kid is gone, he decides that it’s okay to do so. He becomes distracted. The next thing happening is all sad news. You need to see this!

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