This Woman Can Communicate With A Leopard, I Had To Watch To Believe!

Diablo, a leopard, has had a terrible past. The leopard was a victim of abuse in his former zoo.

Thanks to the maltreatment Diablo received, he despised humans and did not want any association with them. He repelled human contact by growling at anyone who approached him. His human resentment posed a major challenge to his rescuers.

However, an angel came along. Anna Breytenbach is an animal communicator. She was supposed to help the animal adjust to his new surroundings. Anna has been practicing with various animal species globally.

Anna’s communication with the leopard will amaze you. Diablo’s name changed to Spirit, and since his interaction with Anna, his perception towards people has changed.

Anna uses thoughts and picture to communicate with animals. The animals respond with clarity.  The once snarled up cat is now happy and contended.

The zoo owner took up the animal communication classes.  The owner has established long-lasting relationships with the other cats under his custody.

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