This Woman Has Two Choices To Choose From. See What She Opts For…

Many women love being called “beautiful” by those around them. But, what if you are surrounded by people that do not use the word when referring to you? Does it mean you’re not pretty? That’s when you need to make a personal choice and empower yourself and live as by your own feelings.

As revealed by a research that Dove conducted, 96% of the women did not describe themselves as being “beautiful” – though 80% of those interviewed felt there was something within them which could be regarded to be beautiful.

This clip is a #ChooseBeautiful campaign that was created by Dove. It’s aimed at making women consider themselves as beautiful and make the right choices in things that involve their beauty. The organization went ahead and placed signs indicating “average” and “beautiful” on the entryways of major shopping centers across five cities – Sao Paolo, London, Delhi, Shanghai and San Francisco. The women that passed through the entrances were randomly filmed. This clip reveals how different women perceive their appearance.

This is one of those inspiring and powerful ads that Dove has put across. If you have never learnt to appreciate your beauty, I hope this video will make you do so.

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