Though She Is Expecting Twins, Nothing Can Stop Her From A Dance Party. Watch!

There is nothing as beautiful as being pregnant, but you may get impatient as well, during the ninth month of your pregnancy, especially if you are expecting twins and feel like you want the baby out immediately.

It felt funny watching the more than 40 weeks pregnant mom, dance in her living room with her husband all just because she just wanted to try or do something special for the camera and provoke her unborn twin boys. The couple just decided to set up a camera at home and dance to Black Eyed Peas’ song, “Let’s Get it Started.” While knowing very well what the pregnant mom was getting herself into, she just enjoyed the dance but felt as if her twin babies could pop out at any time.

Would you imagine that the pregnant mom went into labor two days after her living room dance party and had a standard hospital delivery with the help of the midwives? After you watch this video, you will not be surprised that it happened so.

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