Tiger Was Abused For Several Years, You Can’t Believe It When He Gets The Freedom!

Some people cannot get enough of animals; others love to hate them.

Instead of taking care of the animals, some people use the animals for their personal financial gain.

Meet Hover. Hoover is a tiger that was saved from an illegal circus in Peru. The tiger was part of twelve tigers; sadly, he was the only one who survived.

While it is illegal to use wild animals for circus activities in Peru, some people broke the rule. Hoover spent his days in a tiny cage.

With a tip-off, the Animal Defenders tracked the circus and rescued the tiger. The poor animal did not have the best of health. The rescue team gave him some medical attention.

When Hoover regained his health, he flew to Florida for his birthday. Additionally, he found a new home with the Big Cat Rescue.

Hoover seems to be enjoying his new life. He has more space to move around and spends his days in a comfortable cage. He has found love and care in his new home.

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