Tiny Boy Ran To His Father And Hugged Him, What Followed Left The Audience In Stitches

Kids do the coolest things when we least expect.

During a concert, one small boy stole the show. Coffey Anderson, a country singer, was performing when his 17-months-son decided to crash the party.

The boy runs on stages and hugs his father. He then decided to break into a dance. The crowd is amused, and the boy’s father encourages him to dance.

Baby Ethan runs across the stage, from his performing to his mother who is seated on the floor. The little boy imitates his father as he strums the guitar.

The boy seems to be enjoying the song and dance. At some point, he removes his pacifier and hands it over to his mother. Baby Ethan goes back to the stage and continues dancing.

Well, the little boy stole his father’s show. Ethan gave the audience a good laugh. I guess nobody will forget the little boy and his antics anytime soon.

Watch the video of Baby Ethan and share your thoughts. Did you find it amusing?

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