They Told The Kids To Look For Something Under the Tree. What They Found? You’ll Be Smiling!

During Christmas, kids will write down their wish lists and problems and let Santa work out the solutions to them.  One kid did wish for something for her parents, and what happened next has had close to 2 million people thrilled!

So it’s Christmas, and the Solstad family is going about very well in their celebrations. The family has 3 daughters, and one of them wants her parents to have the son they so wish they could get. And then something happens!

One day, the parents meet the kids at the door and tell them that they had gone out shopping and had brought them one cool present for them to share. The kids have to look under the Christmas tree to find the present. What they find? Wait for it!

It’s a brother! Yes, the Solstads have decided to adopt a baby boy, Nathan. The other kid’s reactions are just so awesome. They want to touch him, play with him, everything!

Just watch this and feel the love. This video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times since its posting. It’s so lovely!

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