Trombone players get ready for their routine – but when they turn around, the entire crowd go wild

It was a football game happening at the China High School, but the audience were more entertained by the cheering team than the game itself that ended in a draw. The trombonists  performed an epic trombone routine known as ‘the suicide’ having the entire crowd in awe.

Trombone suicide is a type of marching band choreography, involving a line of trombone players in close proximity alternating horn positions.

After months of practice, the China Spring High School trombonists nailed the difficult routine, which has members line up shoulder-to-shoulder. The stunt is super-fast and potentially dangerous – if you’re offbeat and get clocked by a trombone!


This difficult routine takes a high level of focus and a lot of practice and training. It requires precision, fast paced moves, technical skills, and staying on-beat.

Luckily, every talented high school trombonist pulled off the fun-loving routine and choreography flawlessly – and to the roars of their peers, teachers and coaches nonetheless!


The video was shared online and has attracted hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe, who all share my enthusiasm for this impressive routine.

See for yourself in the video below. These kids’ dedication is such an inspiration.

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