Turning The Red Nose Into A Red Rose. I’m Fighting My Tears…

As much of a comedian he may be, Jack Black is truly a kind-hearted human being. During the recent Red Nose Day, he travelled all the way to Uganda to spend some time with the poor children in the East African country.

The Red Nose Campaign is dedicated to fundraising to help underprivileged children and adults in their early years. In the video, Jack talks to a 12-year-old street boy, Felix.

As the boy narrates his story, it’s so touching that Jack is almost breaking his earlier promise of not crying. As he clearly puts, this environment is no place for a child.

Credible information in the video states that there are over 150 million street-children in the world, all with a story similar to Felix’s. This kid lost his mom at a tender age and has never met his dad. He has siblings, but poverty and the hard street life have driven them apart. He doesn’t even know where to look for them.

As you fight back your tears, Black is fighting his too, and more so to the fact that this child prays for nothing else but an education. Is that too much to ask?

Please visit their website to get more information about this humanly campaign. You never know just how much impact a small donation can make in such a child’s life. Please SHARE this video with everyone you know and change a life.

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