Turns Out, All This Little Guy Needed Was An “Okay, Go Ahead.” He Just Dropped!

Remember those good times as a kid when your family went out for trips? How was it? You’ll agree that for a kid, you could get tired fast and find yourself in a very good mood to take a nap. That’s exactly what was happening to this little guy here, but he wasn’t bulging!

So we’ve this cool family here in a car doing a road trip. The kid is strapped in a backseat. Well, looks like this journey and all this experience is taking a toll on this little man, so he finds himself in the middle of a battle field fighting to keep himself awake. The boy doesn’t want to miss a thing!

However, when dad notices the war going on in his son, he turns and calmly talks to him. The boy admits that he’s really tired and is having trouble keeping awake. But he’s still fighting! Now sit back and witness the effect of something called the “Dad Power.” When his dad tells him this, the little one just drops and takes off into the dreamland. How cute!

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