Twin Throws His Brother A Big Surprise During His Military Swearing In. This Is Awesome!

You’ve a nice brother, a twin, and he’s in the military. Now it’s your time to take the oath to start your military career, and you would really like your brother to be there to witness this great moment. But the brother is in deployment, so you just shrug it off and resign to the fact that he won’t make it…And then this happens!

It’s the lovely story of Christopher Sanchez and his brother, Andrew. On the day of his swearing in, Christopher couldn’t even entertain the thought that his twin brother could make it from deployment in time to attend the ceremony. Turns out, the fresh military man was dead wrong!

Unbeknown to his, people around him had arranged for his brother to attend the event. So, Christopher is just doing his oath thing, and then he’s order to take an about face. What happens next will leave you speechless!

His brother standing right in front of him! They embrace so emotionally and you can feel it even in yourself! This great!

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