Twins Make An Amazing Discovery 11 Weeks After Birth, It’s More Than Heartwarming!

Twins normally love spending life’s moments together. It is also believed that they have a way of communicating which other people are not in a position to understand. Kaden and Kyson are twins who are 11-weeks of age and it’s the first time they are discovering they resemble each other.  Don’t you think they took such a long time to discover that?

I have learnt from different forums that there are twins who take up to several months before they discover they are twins. So the video is not strange at all. It all depends on the time they have been able to spend together, despite that, a time will come to make the discovery.

As opposed to animals, humans have what is known as “self-awareness.” It is the ability to have awareness and knowledge of your own character and personality. In babies, it has been revealed by Parenting Counts that it starts to happen around 15 – 24 months.  During that period, they are able to recognize that they are seeing a reflection that is similar to their own.

That means if they cannot be able to identify themselves, it will be very hard to know they are looking at a person that resembles or looks like them.

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