Two Big Girls Start Bullying A Little Girl At The Bus Stop, What This Adult Has To Do… Unbelievable!

Research shows that for every 3 kids, one of them is bullied while at school. This means that every family in America that has three kids, one of them experiences bullying. This makes children go to school with fear of being bullied.

In the clip below, we witness what bullying really means and what we should do to stop it. The video is about three girls of whom two are bigger than the one of them. They are at the bus stop waiting to take a bus home from school. While there, they sit near different grownups who are waiting for the bus too and the big girls start bullying the smaller one to see what reactions the adults will take.

It is amazing to see the reaction of these adults who are parents too. The aim of this video is to portray what should be done to end the bullying of our children, and without doubt, if we act similar to those in the clip, we will surely reduce it a very great level.

Watch the dramatized clip below and let us know what you think of this method by commenting below. Please SHARE this clip to all your friends and family to create awareness of how we can do away with the bullying of our children!

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