Two Boxers Are Meeting The Newborn, How It Happened? I Miss The Words!

This is a clip I enjoyed watching. Here, one sweet couple is introducing their two funny boxers to a newborn immediately they bring her home. Macey is the older one with 5 years while Vanda is only one year of age. 

Husband and wife had the whole meeting well planned since they regarded it highly. The couple ensured everything the big introduction needed was in place before they started doing it. It started with Mark letting the baby’s blanket to be smelled by each dog and thereafter each dog taken to a room where mom was waiting with the little newborn. It is intriguing watching how the whole process took place. You can easily see that the dogs are baffled with the turn of events, but as time goes by, they get acquainted with the big occasion. I highly admired the kind of understanding that exists in this little family.

There are people who will be against the idea of bringing a newborn home to meet such two huge dogs. But, we have always watched different scenarios showing how wonderful boxers are as a breed. They have the protective and loving qualities that make any kid enjoy their company while growing up.

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