Two Kids Walk Up To The Stage And Start Singing. Get Ready For Some Amazement!

Everyone loves Easter. It’s that time of the year when all Christians appreciate the great sacrifice that the Lord Jesus made for the sake of us all. It’s that time when everyone wants to thank the Lord for this life. Well, this mom and her two little boys couldn’t let this pass without doing something great too!

In the clip here, you see the two boys, aged about 2-3 years, walk up to the stage and prepare to take the crowd with an amazing performance of “Low In The Grave He Lay,” a great classic hymn composed by Robert Lowry back in 1874. It’s still a great hymn, as these two will prove!

So they start their thing. The kid on the left is stealing the show in all manners possible, with the mom nudging them on in this great piece that you’re about to fall in love with. I had to replay it!

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