Two Ladies Try Helium Filled Wine, What They Do Next? You Can’t Skip This!

I remember the sweet moments when I was a kid. Together with other kids, we used to suck helium from the birthday balloons and then try to talk in a funny voice as we exhale it.

If you have forgotten those wonderful memories, the two women in the clip below will help you remember those lovely days. But for them, they take wine containing helium.

If people act funny when drunk, what will be the result when you combine drunkenness with some humor? This is what the two women decided to show us.

When you watch the clip, you will see that the women doubt the effects of helium infused wine and decide to take a full glass of it. They start laughing and finally end up singing in a very funny tone.

And as if this is not enough, they begin dancing the whip and nae nae routine which seems to be very famous on the social media.

Try taking helium infused wine in the next come together you attend and let us know how you felt by commenting below.

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