Two Thieves Sneak Past The Gate And Go For Her Handbag, But There’s Something They Don’t Know Yet. I’m Impressed!

There’s that old saying that cautions us against judging books by their covers, but it seems that some of us aren’t really in the loop when it comes to keeping it in mind, more so when the guys supposed to remember that good rule happen to be some picky thieves.

As you know about thieves, they always pick on the targets that they perceive as weak and less guarded, but sometimes their speculations let them down. That’s what happened to these two thieves in this cool video.

These guys saw a young lady entering a gated area, so they figured that they could just pull an “operation” against her andmake away with her handbag. They sneakedin as the gate closed and went straight after. Now, that’s where things get interesting.

As one of the crooks tries to take her bag, she reacts in a way that instantly lets you know that this “harmless”lady must be a tough MMA fighter or something. See how she takes a man down!

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