Two Twins Get To Meet For The First Time, And Dad Has An Idea To Make This Moment Last. I’m Really Wowed!

If you don’t have a twin sibling, then you know that feeling that makes you jealous of twin siblings. They just look so adorable together. If you have a twin sister or brother, then you understand that feeling that makes you want to stay by them forever. You want to play, chat and do all the crazy things lovely people do together.

For twins, the epic moments start when they set their eyes on each other for the very first time, and one Lonie Paxton, a GoPro employee, decided to keep that memory for her newborn kids, so he took the video of the moment when the doctors finally meet the two up after they came to earth. Of course they had been together for 9 months, but getting to see each other properly is another thing.

From what you see, you can comfortably decide that Reese and Leonidas will grow to be the best kids on the block. They love each other already, even before they know each other’s names, and that says a lot.

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