Two Voice Contestants Battle It Out In A Duet. Now This What We Call OWNING A Performance!

The Voice is one of the greatest singing competitions in the world, and the winners have mostly gone on to build their success stories for their future. These two guys, Malik Heard and Bryan Bautista are no different. These guys got some talent!

The two started out in a duet of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World,” and you can tell by all respects that these men really know what’s needed in this business. Their vocals, lyrical flow and movement all brim of greatly nurtured talents that’s ripe enough for any debuts. And then comes the next part!

It’s harder than you think. It’s so hard having to pick between 2 great singers who are already excellent in their singing. It’s a tough choice that one Christina Aguilera had to face. To express her hard position, she confessed that she was actually the one losing the battle, even for the performance of the same song that she had done at the Grammy awards. She chose Bryan to move into her team, but Malik wasn’t left hanging. He joined Pharell William’s camp!

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