Unaware The Cameras Were Rolling, The TV Host Shared an Inspiring Message – Watch!

At the end of every Family Feud episode, Steve Harvey spends time with his audience conversing and telling jokes with his production crew and contestants.

At the closing of one episode, Harvey felt the urge to share a message of faith and hope. Unknown to Harvey, the cameras were rolling.

Steve’s powerful message will encourage anyone who feels like giving up. Steve believes that people can achieve their wildest dreams and imagination by taking a leap of faith. Steve said that people who make in life made the decision to “jump.”

Steve encourages the audience to jump even if the parachute may not open instantly. In the long run, it will open up.  Many people are afraid of taking risks. Steve’s message was that if you do not jump, the parachute cannot open.

We thank the Family Feud production team for recording that powerful message. Even if you feel your life is at a standstill or too much is going on, just jump.

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