Uncontacted Tribe Of The Amazon Gets Filmed For Their First Time. Unbelievable!

Have you ever wondered how life was like for people who lived over 1000 years ago?

Surely we can’t imagine a world where there are no vehicles, mobile phones, or even education, but these things were not necessary to our descendants.

If by chance you happen to encounter a person who existed before the civilized period, he will certainly be frightened of you because all he knows is his world. With this thought, you will be surprised to know that there are some tribes who have defended their antique ways of life, far away from civilization.

José Carlos Meirelles, a personnel and conservationist of the National Indian Foundation, has been studying the antique tribes that live some area in Brazil. As seen in the video, this tribe has managed to separate themselves from other people for very many years, which earned a name of “Uncontacted Indians.” They totally never knew that they received protection from Survival International, a human rights group, since 1969.

The video below shows Meirelles together with a BBC group shooting a video of this amazing tribe at its natural environment for the first time. From their frightened faces, it tells you that it’s their first time to see a helicopter.

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