Undercover Boss Surprises His Homeless Worker When He Hands Her This…

Angel had gone to work on a normal day and was assisting in training an assistant at Modell’s, and little did she have an idea that the trainee was no one but a manager working undercover. To make everything look normal, Angel was alerted that she was being recorded for a documentary.

Mitchell Modell, Modell’s CEO, had to leave his mustache grow and shaved all his hair, so that he could not be recognized.

In firms, the work of Undercover Boss is to find out what it really means for the workers to be doing a job for them. While working, they kept conversing things that made Mitchell turn sentimental after hearing them.

Angel informed Mitchell that she loved her work but of late things were going the opposite way. Her confession was that she was stopped from her former work at the age of 25 when she became pregnant. This made her and her family become homeless and that they currently lived at the shelter.

All this time, Angel never knew that Mitchell was able to give a turn to her life. The story moved Mitchell to realize that the salaries they were offering the workers were not enough to buy a home.

This led Mitchell to disclose his identity as a CEO and handed her $14,000 and a check of $250,000 which was tax free.

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