Unsuspecting Marines Get Surprised By Their Families On National Television

It is not an everyday occurrence for soldiers to surprise their families with an early and an unannounced visit. However, when Oprah decided to surprise the soldiers, it was something unique and amazing. She invited them to her show. Once they lined up on stage one after another, they all got cheers from the crowd. The cheers were not coming from fellow Americans appreciating the sacrifice the soldiers were making, but from their families who had been secretly invited by Oprah.

When a soldier returns home safe and sound, it is the happiest thing for the whole family. Sometimes soldiers can come home with horrifying experiences that just gives them nightmares all night long. When that happens, it is hard even for the family of the soldier to understand why their husband, father or brother and sometimes son have to suffer so much.

Yet they went to war to serve in honor, to protect the freedom of the oppressed and deal with tyrants and oppressive regimes.

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