Unsuspecting Passengers Given A Shock Of Their Lives. When You Discover Who Did it, You Will Laugh Out Loud!

You encounter different characters when you take a subway. Seeing people requesting for money for different reasons is a common occurrence. Though it’s common, meeting people who are requesting the money so as to pay for their mortgage is quite strange. I believe none of the passengers ever expected this magnitude of insanity to come their way!

Every person asking for money is part of the New York City comedians. None of the passengers is aware of that and these antics had been masterminded by Gary Lee Mahmoud.  As revealed by Mahmoud to the NY Daily News, none of the actors was following a particular script since each had the freedom of being creative to improve the performance. Once you watch this, it will be hard to believe that the whole thing was not planned prior to its happening.

Since its posting on YouTube, this footage has garnered more than 2 million views. As one of those who have participated in different shows such as All My Children and Saturday Night Live, Mahmoud is not new to fame!

Watching this will make you realize why the video has gone viral. Should this happen to you, how will you react? Comment below for us to know and don’t forget to SHARE with friends this hilarious moment!


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