Utah Wildlife Officers Free A Cougar Caught By A Bobcat Trap – What An Experience!

Among the people who are courageous, the wildlife conservation professionals do have that merit. I say so because these folks do manage to control those wild animals who are fierce and dangerous, a thing which I can’t do even with a weapon. What makes them so special is that they deal with these dangerous animals when they are totally unarmed.

In the clip below, we meet at two conservation officers who did what many of us consider to be impossible. While on a routine check, the two officers spotted a cougar trapped in a bobcat trap. With nothing but a blanket and a pair of catch poles, they decided to go ahead and save the angry cougar.

First they made sure that they fitted one catch pole on the neck of the big cat and then the other one at his two hind legs, so as to pin her down. Once done with that, they covered the head with the blanket before one of them set her free.

It’s with a lot of training that one gets the courage to do such a thing, as it is very dangerous to try to save a wild animal trapped somewhere.

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