Victim Of Bullying Uses Her Attacked Clip To Campaign Against Bullying!

Something bad happened to Mia DeJesus. Four other school mates caught her and locked her in the school bathroom where they beat her until she was knocked out. The whole tragic incident was filmed with one of the bully girls. This happened in a school in Philadelphia.

Later, the girls posted the assault clip on the social media. Mia was more than devastated to watch the clip. Confessing to ABC 6, she said that people were mockingly laughing at her which made her feel embarrassed.

Mia and her mum decided to take the opportunity and use the clip to fight and end bullying. Her mother revealed to ABC 6 that they decided to use the clip to portray the bullies as cowards and now everybody will view them on Instagram as cowards but not brave.

Mia took the clip and posted it on her Facebook page and more than a million people have viewed it, which has helped to campaign against bullying. She posted it as “hashtag #TeamMia”

After the incident and the video reached the Northeast High School administration, the four girls who beat Mia were expelled from the school and one of them was charged with assault.

For Mia, she was transferred to another school and she still hopes that the video will help other students elsewhere who have been bullied to have courage.

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