Waiter Stands Up For A Special Needs Child. We Need More Of This!

Some people are so twisted! They think they’re so invincible that some things can’t happen to them. But there’s always a lesson for them!

Kim Castillo and her son, Milo, are regulars of Lorenzo’s in Houston, Texas. One day, they walked into the restaurant, and then something happened. Milo is a special needs kid, and the waiter, Michael Garcia, always treats the family with respect and love. But then there was an idiot in the vicinity.

This guy had come in with his family. Apparently, he didn’t like the fact that he was sitting at a table next to a special needs child, so he relocated his family to another table. Everyone thought it was okay, but then he said something so hurtful. He said that these special kids should go be special someplace else.

Unfortunately for him, Garcia heard his utterance, and he declined to server him and his family. They had to walk out in shame, thanks to this waiter who stood up in support of this kid. Great!

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