Watch Courtney’s Extraordinary Surprise for Her Daughter with a Prosthetic Leg

Emma who is Courtney’s daughter has a prosthetic leg and as result dolls that she can relate to are very scarce. Due to this reason, Emma’s parents, decided do to something very unusual for her. They approached Step Ahead Prosthetics with a request which seemed extraordinary. They needed a special toy for their little one.

Emma’s proud mother shared the video, which has gone viral, on Facebook capturing the very moment Emma got handed the mysterious box by her little sister. While opening the box, she is surprised that the doll has a leg like hers. Her mother then reads her a letter about the doll’s extraordinary journey as blubbering tears ensure around.

Before you can watch this video, I’m just warning you to have a tissue or a handkerchief close to you. One commenter said he was crying as much as Emma did and admitted that she was an amazing girl who does not let anything stand her way. You will witness how moving that is once you take your time to watch the clip below.

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