Watch Jimmy Fallon And Michael Keaton Read “Birdman’s” Scripts. Can You Guess Who Wrote Them? … UNBELIEVABLE!

One drama/comedy, which has drawn a fair share of attention with the approaching Academy Awards is the “Birdman” in which Michael Keaton features. It was released barely a year ago and since then, multiple Oscars have nominated it for Best Actor (where Michael Keaton was selected), Best Director and Best Picture.

Recently, in one of The Tonight Show’s episodes that featured Jimmy Fallon, Michael Keaton was invited to read some of the scenes and discuss the role he plays. Then the unexpected revelation was made- young kids had been given the title “Birdman” and requested to come up with the scripts and what they wrote made ended up making the scenes.

A big deal of humor is contained in the scenes and they are flawless when you watch them out. While the guys were reading through the lines, they struggled a lot keeping straight faces. The kind of emotions that are provoked by the scripts makes it hard for one to believe it’s the work of kids. Kindly watch the entire video to ascertain that. They have really done a pretty nice job with the right humor at the right moment

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