Watch The Breathtaking Dub Step Dance Between A Boy And A “Statue.” So Epic!

Have you ever seen a “living statue”?

Noah Kenaley, known as Noster, the Dancer, is a YouTube user who met a living and dancing statue. Noah is a talented dancer who uploads his dances on his YouTube channel. His videos receive over a million views.

Noah is known for his popular dubstep songs. The songs are quick beat, heavy, and are a major component of the current pop songs.

The “living statue” has excellent dancing skills. Additionally, the statue has a name too. Eclypse, the dancing statue is a member of The Millennium Robots dancing crew. The crew members paint themselves gray and mimic dance moves.

Noah challenged Eclypse to a dubstep dance battle.  A crowd gathers and the two break into a dance.  The two contort and move their bodies with a lot of ease. I am impressed how they move their bodies following the music beats. It was one of the best dance battles you will watch.

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