Watch The Stunning Result She Gets After Conducting An Experiment On Bottled Water!

Drinking plenty of water is a very healthy practice everyone should do. Here in the USA, there are very many brands of bottled water, but the question is which water is the best of all the rest. For this reason, Holly, a mother residing in Westville, Ohio decided to look for the answer. It is better to know what we really consume because research shows that cancer does well in an environment that is acidic.  She decided to carry an experiment with bottled water so that people could actually be aware of what they were purchasing.

Holly together with her son called Carson, looked for seven distinct brands of bottled water and arranged them on the kitchen counter. She also got a glass of water from the kitchen tap. After that, she took pH paper test strips which are locally available at the stores and went ahead to conduct the pH testing experiment on the different water brands to find out the acidity or alkalinity level.

Upon uploading her water experiment on her Facebook page in January of 2016, the test managed to be viewed by a lot of people and shared by more than 40,000 times!

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