Watch These Ice Dancers From Canada Perform An Incredible Choreography

Watching ice -skating can be a bit tense for us who are in the audience. You imagine what those are doing the actual skating feel. Sometimes you just close your eyes when you see the sharp skates in the air. This is then made worse by expectations of the worst happening each moment. At least that is what some of us feel about skating. Not everybody is fain hearted though

This particular group was part of the team Canada 2 that competed in the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships. They awed the audience with their super skating skills. Most teams will only consist of a solo or duo doing their magic for all to see. This group however consisted of 16 women, making their performance happen in the most amazing way, for the judges to give them a befitting score.

If you take a moment and focus on the look on the judges’ faces, you are left in no doubt that they can see it too. They have been able to see the skill and amazing work going to into this beautiful act. The audience is truly touched as well. Then when the tempo kicks up notch, you see them respond and inject more power in their moves, it’s nothing but magical!

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