Watch This Smart Dad Dazzling His Kids With Some Perfect Science. I’m Intrigued!

If you love kids, then this video will really interest you. In fact, it’s going to boost your love of simple science. After this, you’ll be yearning to show this off throughout your neighborhood!

You see, Physics is one subject that seems to never run out intrigues. There’s this thing or concept called constructive wave interference, and it’s one hell of an interesting thing. That’s why it makes much sense that a good dad would choose to wow his kids with that kind of “magic.”

In this video, you’ve this cool dad with his kids in the pool, and then he starts producing the waves in the pool. You should see those curves! The kids couldn’t hold their giggles. And it’s so infectious I had to crack up too!

In “nerdy” terms, constructive wave interference happens when two waves have a displacement along their medium. Well, that must sound so complex, but it’s fun watching those waves, so go ahead and click on the video. Join the family and enjoy this great phenomenon. In fact, this video has been online for years and has been viewed over a million times. Please SHARE this!

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