Watch What Happens When This Horse Meets An Old Friend. Amazing!

If you’ve been wondering if a horse can remember an old friend, this might make you emotional…

It’s December 2012, when Sue decides to get Arthur back, so she repurchases him. She had bred him along with William as they made it through their foal-hood.  Harry had joined the two after a year. Since the spring of 2009, William and Arthur had come across and lived with many other horses.

Arthur is now almost 9-years-old. Can he remember his two playmates from the days of his youth? And can Harry and William recognize their old friend?

Sue did something brilliant. She had them meet at a field where Will and Harry had once spent some time. She took Bruce Selkirk, a filmmaker, to capture the extra-ordinary moment that run for almost an hour and edited to produce this great video.

The three old friends had grown up at Mustons Field, but it had been sold by the time of the re-union. That means there was nothing much familiar except the horses’ instincts and their old bond of friendship.

Citing Sue’s recent update, they all now live together in South Dartmoor and are happy as ever. Great!

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