Watching The Spectacular Performance From The Freckled Sky’s Dance Group Left Me Jaw-Dropped! WOW!!

Jaylin and Olga are dancers in a dance group called Freckled Sky, and Val is their choreographer. In a recent audition at America’s Got Talent, the two dancers went on stage. The crowd and the judges were completely absorbed in their exceptional and unique dancing routine. This will surely be neither the first nor the last that we will be seeing of them.

This is a life or death performance. That means that all the competitors must do their best to please the crowd and the judges so that they make it in the competition- and that’s exactly what the duo did over here. Based on the crowd’s reaction, they surely were the best.

In their performance, Val, the choreographer and the dancers, combined some unique rhythm and illumination to provide an exciting and impressive performance to the crowd. Somebody who has had the opportunity of watching them perform can confidently say that rarely do we get to see a performance similar to theirs. It was really a refreshing show that broke the monotony of the previous dancers.

In the video below, you can witness as the Freckled Sky’s performance and the way they leave the audience and the judges thrilled. Particularly, Howard Stern, a judge pushed the golden beeper, automatically sending the group to the next level! Do you think the duo deserve all these applaud? Kindly SHARE this video to all your friends on Facebook, and also leave your comments for us to know what your opinions!

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