What A Creative Way To Break The News To The Unsuspecting Husband. She Fully Floored Him. Wow!

We have always liked bringing emotion-evoking stories on our platform. Previously, we covered different ways of announcing pregnancy we have come across, but this one has a unique touch that made us share it with you. The wife had a surprise in place for her husband and each time I saw him walk past the book, I was full of anticipation of what was likely to take place.

As sweethearts, Tom and Brenda Hainje had met back in high school and here they were expecting their first child. To make this moment special, they decided to record everything with a camera. You may be wrong to think Tom is entirely unobservant since he takes some time to find out whatever is taking place, but that is not entirely true. He suspects something is happening once he is asked whether his hair is ok. I wonder the kind of tension Brenda must have been going through before she could break the news is. As a viewer, I really felt it! The way Tom reacted after he got the news was absolutely worth the wait. You can tell how happy he was when he bent down and kiss the belly of his pregnant wife.

How did you take this way of announcing pregnancy news? Which moment did you love most? Comment below and SHARE with friends!

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