What A Scene To Watch. What Dad Does To The Baby For The First Time. OMG!

Having a newborn in any family is a special occasion. It’s understandable that most parents have developed the habit of recording everything that happens when the baby is brought home. From the time when the baby is fed for the first time, sleeps to when the newborn is given the very first bath.

Normally, it’s mothers who love bathing their newborn for the very first time. But, this video features a father who could not allow mom to do it since he wanted to do it himself. This dad gives the kid a relaxing bath that made me feel he has been doing that the whole of his life.

This video was uploaded by James Perry, who is seen bathing his new baby girl as mom who was watching a father and daughter enjoy the moment. You certainly notice this is a special father from the manner in which he sweetly talks to the baby, tickles her and holds her gently within the water. He is seen fully enjoying the moment and can’t hide the kind of fun he’s going through!

I find this family to be so adorable and as we speak the little girl is 3 years of age. I wish I got a chance of seeing how she looks like!

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