What Could You Have Done As A Zookeeper If You Were To Encounter This Gorilla? Incredible!

Sometimes you can be doing something that you never expect to earn you popularity, but at last it takes the internet by a storm. This is what exactly happened to Ambam, a gorilla of 24 years that lives in Kent, UK.

The surveillance cameras captured this gorilla who weighs 458 pounds walking exactly like a person at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, when we know that gorillas do walk with their four legs.

Because of this unique behavior of Ambam, which was recorded in 2011, scientists began a serious discussion of how we human beings began to walk with two legs.

But before the debate of scientists which started in 2011, there was a research that was carried by skilled scientists of the National Academies of Science, in which they are still puzzled on how we finally got to be bipedalism.

The report states that it is still unknown if our walking with the two legs was something that evolved from a general arboreal ape ancestor or specifically from a terrestrial knuckle-walking ancestor.

Watch the clip below to see how this gorilla of 6 feet is able to stand and walk too! Let us know your opinion by commenting below! Please SHARE the story to all animal lovers on Facebook!

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