What She Makes Is Worth It. What A Mouthwatering Outcome She Comes Up With!

Kids love taking snacks that are sweet and thus it’s common to see them taking treats like cookies and milk. With time, you have to find more interesting recipes for making them wonderful treats. That is what the recipe you are about to come across assures.

Within the clip below, we are being taught by one mom on how to make the easiest fruit roll-ups. The recipe only requires 3 ingredients which are easily available within any home. Only honey and some fruits are required.

Here, we see the daughter accompanying her mother, they mix fresh fruit (five cups) together with honey and they use a blender for ensuring the mixture is smooth. The mixture is then put into the oven once it has been poured onto some baking sheets that are lined with parchment. The cooking temperature should be set to 225 degrees. The roll-ups are then removed from the oven before they can become sticky and that’s done once 2-3 hours. Slicing and rolling, then is carried out.

You won’t imagine the amount of money you will be saving if you opt to do this recipe as opposed to going for the ones at the stores. With this recipe, you’re sure the kids are happy!

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