What They Do Makes Them Appear Mature Than They Really Are. What A Talent To Have At Such An Age!

One of the songs I have heard severally is the one that’s being performed over here- though, this is the first time I have heard it with such a special touch.

As a group, the Cactus Cuties comes from Lubbock Texas and this group is comprised of four young girls. They might be that young in the real sense, but the talent which they exhibit is mature enough. Their unbelievable talent has taken them places and as we speak some of the platforms they have performed include: a number of high-profile military proceedings, The NBA, NFL as well as the MLB games, The 700 Club, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey’s Show.

Today, they are performing a patriotic hymnal which is dated back to 1861’s Civil War. The passion and dedication these girls show will surely take you to the song’s world and that means one thing- you will shed tears! They seem to connect well with this song and there is no doubt- they have a deeper understanding of the message they are putting across.

I can’t shy off to say that I replayed it severally…

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