What This Caregiver Does To The 84-Year-Old Woman Will Pain Your Heart. So Unacceptable!!

Hope Shepherd who is 84 years of age was taken to the Berea Gardens home which is situated in East London by her family who expected her to be accorded at most attention and care. They were surprised when they discovered that Ncendiswa Mkencele who is a caregiver was abusing her. The startling footage below covers every bit of the abuse.

When confronted, the caregiver showed some remorse for the way she had treated the old lady. She said that Shepherd had abused her racially and that is what had made her behave the way she did. Hope suffers from dementia and Berea Gardens had earlier on reported that the old lady could sometimes get physical.

It is evident that Ncendiswa Mkencele behaved poorly whether Ms. Shepherd was wrong or not. Caregivers have the responsibility of caring for those they’re entrusted with and not abusing them. The police are currently investigating her and she has since lost her job.

How will you have acted if this happened to someone you’re close to? Which kind of punishment does the caregiver deserve? Let us know how you feel about it by dropping your comments and SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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