What This Dad Of A Kid With Down Syndrome Has To Say Will Make You Cry!

Leo was born in December 2015. At birth, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. His father called Samuel fell in love with his son when he saw him for the first time. Samuel was shocked when his wife Ruzan told him that she was not ready to raise a kid with a Down syndrome. This made Samuel to choose either his kid or his marriage, of which he chose to stick by his child.

Before Leo was born, Samuel and his wife were living in Armenia, the country of Ruzan. When he chose to be with his kid, he had to travel back to his country in New Zealand. The divorce took place a week after Leo’s birth. When people all over the world heard his story on the internet, they donated something to help Samuel and Leo.

ABC News interviewed Samuel one year later and he told them of the amazing changes that have happened to them ever since his story became popular, of which he never made it public himself.

He told the ABC News that Ruzan contacted him three weeks later after he moved to New Zealand. He said that she was changing her mind and by talking to her he realized that she had filed for the divorce because of cultural and pressure in having to raise a child with special needs. He went on saying that he agreed to once again see her and let her hold Leo for the very first time. He said that she was totally unaware if there was hope in such kids with special attention

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