What This Dad Responded To His Son When He Asked Him Of Terrorists Will Move Your Soul

Just when we thought that the Sept. 11th was the last attack of terrorists, and people were starting to forget it, fresh attacks were reported to have happened on 13th November 2015  in Paris, France. These attacks claimed the lives of 129 people. The whole world came together to condemn such attacks and offered support to this great nation so that it can recover from the tragedy. Up to now, people are still in a state of shock, wondering what might be the next move.

A father and his son went to visit Bataclan, one of the scenes where the attack took place, so as to pay their last honor to the dead victims. While on the spot, a journalist came to interview them. The reporter went ahead to ask the small boy if he really knew what had taken place. The boy went on to ask his dad what had happened, a conversation that will really touch you!

We all should team up and boost our faith that is gradually getting lost when we witness such horrific things. We are pretty aware that the terrorists are within us and they are ready to spill more blood of guiltless people, but that will not stop us from coming together. The conversation of Angel Le and his son really inspires us.

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