What This Dad Said At His Daughter’s Grave Is Really Chilling. People Need To Stop This!

Why do people get drunk and still want to drive cars? Haven’t we lost enough people to drunk-driving accidents already? What exactly is wrong with people? See, now they’re even killing kids. This video will break your heart!

Lindsey was just 6 when she lost her life in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Her dad, Rick Ellis, decided that enough is enough, so he decided to show the whole world, and especially all the drunk drivers out there, exactly what happens when they combine partying with driving cars while under drug influence. Ellis decided to record a very strong, emotional message, and he decided to do it at his daughter’s grave. He wanted everyone to see what a drunk driver had cost him. He wanted it to stop!

The even more heartbreaking moment comes when he turns the camera on the headstone. It has two names. Turns out, the drunk driver that caused the accident that killed Ellis’ daughter was actually his own wife and mother of the daughter. The wife also died in the accident. What a tragedy!

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